SOPMEP: Putting Smiles on the faces of Onion Farmers

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SOPMEP: Putting Smiles on the faces of Onion Farmers

$150,000 UNDP Catalytic fund is transforming lives of Onion farmers in the Rural North of Ghana and the Sanguié Province of Burkina Faso in a cross border initiative known as Sahelian Onion Productivity and Market Expansion Programme (SOPMEP) lead by ASNAPP in collaboration with FEPA/B and TRIAS. The project is providing respite to over 2,500 onion farmers that previously had access to no storage or only expensive storage facilities, and had low productivity due to outdated farming practices.

 The provision of simple and less expensive family level storage structures comes in handy at a time when onion production is becoming an important economic crop for over 20,000 producers in Ghana and Burkina Faso. The project, in less than a year, has seen phenomenal results with
•    Bulb sizes doubling with the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices
•    Increase in farmers’ income by over 300% with storage for 2-3 months into the lean season.
•    About 80 demonstrations storage structures (storage capacity 2.5 - 7 MT) supplied to producers.
The adoption of these storage structures will allow onion growers to stagger sales to take advantage of seasonal high prices and generate additional revenue estimated at over $7.5 million to support their livelihood activities.

Direct Outcome of the training
Success Story from the Field in Ghana


Success Story from the Field in Ghana


Success Story from the Field in Burkina Faso