Scientific Research and Technology Transfer

Research is one of ASNAPPs’ strengths, and as we are partnered with 15 tertiary and research institutions both regionally and abroad, we have direct access to the latest findings and innovations. ASNAPP performs in house research for its own programs and contracted research for external organisations. In house research is market driven, keeping an eye on current product and market trends, and anticipating future market demands. This benefits resource-limited farmers, keeping them on top of the pack in both the field and the market place.

  • ASNAPP is a co-chair the South Africa Dutch Horticultural Business Platform which aims to strengthen and modernise the horticulture sector in RSA. The platform includes private businesses, knowledge institutions and government.

  • ASNAPP is a contributor and organiser of the Under Cover Farming Expo which has been hosted for the past 2 years in Pretoria. The expo serves as a platform for growers (emerging and commercial), input suppliers and relevant experts of the Greenhouse industry to network and exchange knowledge.