Tswaraganang Hydroponics

Time and date: September 2013 - November 2014 
Location: Northern Cape
Purpose and outcomes: Expand the existing greenhouse business to improve economies of scale, create more jobs and improve production capacity of existing greenhouse business. ASNAPP will also be responsible for providing additional training and mentoring in the management of the new 3000 sqm, fully climate controlled naturally ventilated, greenhouse structure. This initiative is funded by the Department of Rural Development and Land  Reform, Government of RSA.

Time and date: February 2007- March 2010

Location: Northern Cape
Purpose and outcomes: Creating sustainable businesses that can provide jobs and income streams for employees. ASNAPP was appointed to provide mentorship and training to the project.

State of affairs 2008

  • 3600 sqm greenhouse not utilised
  • No crop production taking place
  • No income
  • No skills and knowledge of greenhouse production

Interventions by ASNAPP

  • Business plan to identify profitable greenhouse crops
  • Training of greenhouse employees for 2 weeks at ASNAPP facilities
  • Long term mentoring program with ASNAPP technical onsite for more than 12 months to provide practical training on the A-Z of greenhouse management
  • Negotiated fresh produce off take agreement with Freshmark

What has changed? Results 2013

  • Greenhouse fully utillised with consecutive plantings of cucumber plants
  • 5000-8000 cucumbers per week sold to Freshmark, year round
  • Cumulative cucumber sales R1000 000
  • Request by Freshmark for Tshwaraganang to double cucumber production capacity and grow market share
  • Business independently managed by Tswaraganang local staff for the past 4 years