ASNAPP and Association Education Santé (AES) hibiscus program

Date: 2003- 2008

Purpose and outcomes: Promote hibiscus cultivation to improve income and the livelihoods of women in Senegal

Low yields
About $1/kg
Low production volume
Neglected crops
ASNAPP interventions
Supplied improved seeds and seeding technology
Introduced seed pod removal device
Good agricultural practices
Instituted vigorous quality systems (Rutgers University)
Trained 4,000 women annually
Train 40 Exstension Officers annually
Linkage to buyers
350ha organic certified;200ha ECOCERT/NOP certified
Quality of products improved
Now selling organic hibiscus to ADINA ,USA
Reduced planting time from 14 days to 2 days per hectare: Farmer saves $90/ha
Price now stands at $2.2/kg
ASNAPP assisted farmers receive 30% price premium