Sahelian Onion Productivity and Market Expansion Program – SOPMEP

Date: November 2012 – to date
Location: Ghana and Burkina Faso
Purpose and outcomes:

  • The project aims to improve the onion value chain in Ghana and Burkina Faso
  • ASNAPP/ TRIAS conducted an onion value chain assessment determining that onion storage represented the greatest challenge to producers in the Upper East Region (Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin and most onion producing areas in Niger.
  • ASNAPP/TRIAS with its partners FEPA-B/CPF, Northfin, Ministry of Agriculture, Progressive Onion Traders and Producers Association developed a 5 year program (SOPMEP) to improve the onion value chain in Ghana and Burkina Faso.
  • UNDP/AFIM provided catalytic funding

    State of affairs Nov 2012
  • Poor quality product (small onions)
  • Short onion storage life
  • Outdated production practice
  • Storage structures expensive ($1400)
  • Growers unable to capitalise on good onion prices during the off season

    Interventions by ASNAPP and partners
  • Onion value chain assessment
  • Comprehensive value chain strategy implemented
  • 6000 posters distributed on GAP
  • 50 manuals printed for training of trainers
  • 300 posters on storage and selling printed
  • 2642 producers trained in GAP
  • 80 onion storage structures built
  • 3040 producers training on improved storage practices

    What has changed in a year?
  • increase in bulb size 50g-to-100g
  • 70% increase in yield
  • 400% increase in prices received by beneficiaries in off season
  • Cheap storage structures($140-260)
  • Extend onion storage life by 3-6 months