Protected Horticulture

Technical support in protected cultivation of horticultural crops to Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) Staff and farmers

Date: 2012/2013
Location: Ghana (Kade, Amarahia, Oykereo, Vapko)

Purpose and outcomes:
•ASNAPP with local organisation Agri Impact Consult provided technical assistance to Ghana’s MOFA staff and farmers
•Assess 4 project sites where the Ministry has currently constructed protected structures, provide technical evaluation of the structure and prepare technical report including, on how to improve their performance and management, recommend the types of crops that can be cost effectively produced under plastic houses, the appropriate types of designs and construction with regards to selected crops and recommend areas of further research
•Visited equipment and input suppliers to assess the kind of agro-inputs needed and what is available and recommend appropriately to MOFA what needs to be done
•Conduct needs assessments of the staff of MOFA and other farmers/entrepreneurs who will want to engage in protected cultivation
•Develop a manual or a guide for protected cultivation for selected crops under humid tropical conditions
•Organize a 3-day training for 30 MOFA staff, farmers and entrepreneurs of protected cultivation. The training should provide basic theoretical and practical knowledge to the participants and should also include maintenance, operations and management practices

Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) Ghana Greenhouse Management training

8-15 March 2013
Location: ASNAPP South Africa, Welgevallen Experimental Farm

Purpose of project:
Provide greenhouse management training to government officials from Ghana with specific focus on produciton under high humidity and high temperature growing conditions.
•Classroom lectures and practical training were done on plant propagation and crop management, featuring guest speakers from local industry.
•Farm visits to commercial greenhouse growers
•Facilitated networking with input suppliers