Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise
2009 – to date
Location: Ghana

Purpose and outcomes:

  • A development reinforced by the growing commercial potential of some of these NTFP’s such as Grains of Paradise, Voacanga, Black pepper, etc
  • Research on alternative propagation techniques for GOP was intensified due to the challenges encountered over the years
  • Through the efforts of the partnership and preliminary findings available, appropriate propagation technologies on the selected GOP was developed and transferred to farmers in different ASNAPP project beneficiary communities.
  • This lead to the cultivation of over 200 acres of GOP which was expected to yield over 80MT of GOP annually in to supply both existing regional and international markets
  • The initial yields already recorded and sold are putting smiles on the faces of farmers who are excited to increase cultivation that will lead to an increase in their supplementary income.

Community based Voacanga africanus harvesting, processing and marketing
Date: 2003 – to present
Location: Ghana

Purpose of project:
Improve Voacanga quality standards, improve sustainability of industry, and facilitate market linkages to improve incomes and livelihoods of communities in Ghana.

State of affairs 2003
•Harvesting of immatured pods
•Poor quality product
•Export price $1.5/kg
•Export value $1.5m
•Frequent disputes between exporters and importer
•Freqeunt complaints by importers

Interventions by ASNAPP
•Training of 3,600 collectors annually in sustainable harvesting and post harvest tecniques
•Developed trade standards
•Trained 7,000 collectors , 400 agents and 30 exporters on the standards in 100 communities
•Introduced electronic and telephony trading platform

What has changed?

Results 2008
•Export price at $6/kg
•Export value increased to over $15m
•Income per collector
•Transaction time reduced from 61 to 29 days
• Profit margin by collectors increased by 30%