Our approach

Employs a science-based, market first development model to assist African farmers and rural enterprise associations to enhance regional economic growth along five service components

  • Conducting applied research and transfer appropriate production and post harvest technology to producers, processors and exporters
  • Building the technical and business capacities of FBOs and trade organizations to enhance productivity, increase profit margins and respond efficiently to market requirements
  • Developing appropriate, efficient and effective quality assurance and quality control systems to enable producers meet market requirements
  • Conduct market assessments, providing market intelligence information and establishing market linkages among value chains actors
  • Supporting policy dialogue and formulatio

Market first, science-based enterprise development approach

  • Strategic university partnerships were created
  • Networking platforms were created to bring business together
  • Private sector relationship
  • Public-private partnership
  • Value Chain Approach


  • Networking platforms were created to bring business together
  • Participatory approach communities and producers
  • Focus on gender equity


  • Value,Supply chain and economic analysis is conducted to establish the profitability of transaction to farmers and other chain actors


  • Based on gaps identified,appropriate intervention measures are developed


  • Other service providers are invited to participate in the process e.g. research institutions,government,FBOs,development organizations,processors,exporters,etc.

Agric Support Services

  • Facilitate enabling platform for producers to interact with agric supply companies:
  • Agric supply companies
  • Transport services
  • Financial institutions
  • etc

Capacity building

  • Build capacity of FBOs and TAs to fully participate in the value chain e.g. GAP,production scheduling,understanding market requirements and competitive role as a supplier,science-based enterprise development,QA/QC


  • Introduce appropriate tecnology to enhance productivity e.g. seedling production in greenhouse etc


  • Expose buyers to supply sources and act as honest broker between the producers and buyer.