Overview of ASNAPP Activities

Trade Facilitation

  • 466 tons of paprika valued at $809,400 made in Zambia and Malawi
  • 349 tons of Birds eye chili valued at $ 698,000 made in Zambia
  • $1,161 949 sales of various vegetables and mushrooms made by small scale farmers
  • 115 tons of wild Griffonia seeds valued at $1,522,000 made from collectors in Ghana
  • $17,000 Grains of Paradise sales made by growers in Ghana
  • 500kg of Griffonia valued at $3,000 made from Liberia in less than 1 month intervention

Capacity Building

  • 142 and 480 farmers trained in agronomy, Business management and post-harvest handling in Ghana and liberia respectively
  • 480 and 600 collectors and agents trained on sustainable wild collection of medicinal plants in Ghana and Liberia respectively
  • 20 lead farmers trained in GlobalGap in Zambia
  • 1,920 farmers trained in vegetable and mushroom production in Livingston, Zambia and South Africa
  • 4,300 farmers trained in quality control and quality assurance of paprika and birds' eye chilies in Malawi and Zambia

Nursery & Farm Establishment

  • 90,000 Grains of paradise seedlings, 1,500 Voacanga seedlings, 5,000 Black pepper seedlings, 4,000 Griffonia seedlings and supplied to farmers in Ghana
  • 150,000 seedlings of Grains of paradise, 300,000 seedlings of BEC and 26,000 seedlings of improved variety of black pepper developed and supplied to farmers in Liberia
  • 15ha of GOP, 10ha of Voacanga and 1ha to Black pepper established by 69 farmers in Ghana
  • 66ha of Birds eye chilies, 241ha paprika, 25ha intensive production technology established in Zambi and Malawi
  • Provided expertise for the construction of mushroom houses and growing of mushrooms

Applied Research

  • Appropriate propagation technology for GOP and Voacanga identified through research trials
  • Evaluation trials conducted on selected commercial vegetable seeds in Zambia and South Africa
  • Sustainable farm model establsihed in Zambia using plants to assist with carbon accummulation, soil fertility, insect and disease control
  • intercropping Models established between Agroforestry and staple plants in Ghana
  • 4 model community-level quality infrastructure systems developed in Liberia{/AC}